It’s not a big secret that great relationships gets you great business. It is about knowing the people that matter! Knowing the decision-makers  will help you to make the right decisions.  In everyday life but also particularly in business. Networking and maintaing the contacts in your network is essential for business success. No wonder the social media are a  helpful addition undoubtedly accelerating and increasing the business productivity!

We are offering a wide variety of contacts in the Professional Audio and Musical Instruments Industry. Over the last 25 years we have built a professional network and the vast experience we bring to table will allow you to expand your business enjoying considerable growth!

If you are in the Professional Audio Industry and/or in the Musical Instruments distribution you will need our expertise in order to expand your business. Either to acquire distribution rights of brands to widen your product port folio or to start distributing your own private label manufactured OEM  off-shore.

We offer also analytical skills to scrutinize your current distributed brand portfolio. As a distributor you may have conflicts in the brands represented possibly even have too many brands you distribute not being able to serve them all right and/or put emphasis where emphasis is needed. It is not about quantity it is about quality something your vendors and customers will certainly appreciate.

If you are a manufacturer and you are on the look for the right distributor then exactly there lies our expertise too. Again having dealt with many distributors on 5 continents and being aware of the brands they carry we would be able to place your product line with the right client, one that has virtually no conflicts in terms of other brands they represent thus maximizing focus, penetration and salability of your product line. It will instantaneously create brand visibility and a better and faster market penetration.

4M4You offers true global experience as we have been working for professional audio and musical instruments manufacturers covering 5 continents for many years and actually living on 3! Whether you are located in Asia or in Europe or in Africa or in North or South America, we’ve been there and have been nurturing these markets, either building up from scratch or growing and expanding existing business to almost unthinkable levels!

As a team we offer you sales and purchase management expertise but also marketing, channel communication, brand image building capabilities and language education skills.


4M4YOU and more…….just ask!