New branding 4M4YOU

10 years ago we’ve founded 4M4YOU and so now it’s time to refresh our brand design. We have been working on it for weeks and are very satisfied with the result.

Starting with our typical Dutch orange color, we decided for a lighter shade of orange. The letters of our logo have become a bit rounder and are more playful. All in all, we want to express more sentiment and appeal to emotion. A further improvement is the integration of our company name into the logo and so now everyone can see immediately who we are.

We further needed a slogan to inform what we as a company are doing. Of course, the 4M’s still stand for Music, Marketing, Media and More but that doesn’t explain clearly what we do. Mike is the face and the driving force at 4M4YOU and remains the Manager of Possibilities. And that describes exactly what we as a company are doing… managing possibilities in the entertainment and Pro Audio Industry.

We manage possibilities that help YOU exceed your business goals.